Greed or glitch?

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Somewhere, we assume, is hundreds of dollars intended to be given to a charity, but unable for that charity to get those funds. The charges put forth by a Jones County animal rescue against corporate Goliath Facebook are serious and alarming.

Donations made directly to the PayPal account of Southern Cross Animal Rescue go directly into an account. But in the heat of desperation, organizers said, they added a Facebook donate now button to solicit further donations. Because the charity only completed two of the three-step process for registration, they were unable to participate in the Facebook fundraising, according to the company.

Someone somewhere, though, was collecting donations in the name of SCAR. That money has yet to be tracked or accessed, SCAR organizers said. A Facebook spokeswoman on Monday afternoon said the charity has been vetted and is now able to accept donations through Facebook’s donate now button.

It’s a convoluted confusing mess where, in the end, the animals are suffering.

Nefarious? We may never know. It also might just be a case of people lacking in computer expertise with desperate needs trying anything they can to raise money.

The fact remains animal rescue groups are always in need of money, supplies and food for a seemingly never-ending number of rescued animals. The best way to help, it appears, is a direct donation to SCAR at the facility, through the mail or through their PayPal donation link.

It is unclear — and may never be clear — how much money has been raised that was intended for SCAR that is floating around somewhere. Much like navigating Facebook’s help pages, it has proved difficult to get straight answers.