Do whatcha gotta do

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Since I had no problems with my gall bladder removal, I thought my foot surgery would be just as easy, but it was not. The doctor decided to release the tendons pulling my toes. Since he is an excellent doctor, I told him that I trusted him; therefore, do whacha gotta do. Thankfully, I had no complications. The doctor wrapped my toes tight and put a cast/boot around my leg and foot which is huge and heavy! My foot, ankle, and leg will be stronger from lugging it around! Enough about me; moving on to exciting news:

Jesus performs ‘surgeries’ on those who believe in Him. He is an excellent surgeon and we trust Him. Because of that fact we tell Him, DO WHATCHA GOTTA DO! His work can be very painful but the purpose is to make us better; to conform us to His image. Just like my foot and ankle will be stronger from my cast, after we have one of His ‘surgeries’, we will be stronger and we will be able to give our Father the glory He deserves.