Sinclair saves another life

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Katherine Sinclair has saved at least one more life.

A Clarke County man got her right kidney, ending his need for daily dialysis, and now her left kidney and pancreas have saved the life of another 47-year-old Mississippi man, according to a note from her mother, Madeline Herrington.

“The letter stated that the man enjoys gardening and hunting,” she wrote of the most recent organ recipient. The man who got Sinclair’s first kidney was a neighbor of Herrington’s in Stonewall and is also an outdoors enthusiast, just as Sinclair was.

Sinclair, 23, was clinging to life after suffering a gunshot wound to her head in the garage of Greg Burroughs’ home in a gated community outside Laurel on the night of June 1.

But he didn’t try to save his girlfriend’s life first, several sources who have seen his cellphone records from that night confirmed. He didn’t dial 911 until after he had made two calls to Municipal Judge Kyle Robertson, who is his close friend and Sinclair’s uncle.

Burroughs did, however, show a sense of urgency when police arrived at his home, according to heavily redacted incident reports that were released after the Leader-Call filed a Freedom of Information Act request last month. He was at the end of his driveway and “ran toward the residence” to lead the first officer on the scene to the victim, Patrolman Stephen Graeser of the Laurel Police Department wrote in his report. Three other officers also wrote that Sinclair was still alive when they arrived on the scene and when medical personnel got there.

Sinclair was in the driver’s seat of her Honda at Burroughs’ home on Windermere Boulevard, they all reported. She was wearing only a T-shirt, sources with knowledge of the case said.

Despite their efforts to save her, Sinclair died the next day at Forrest General Hospital.

Burroughs was detained for four days, including the weekend, then released pending the results of a pathologist’s report about the cause of death and a grand jury’s decision.

The LPD and District Attorney’s office have conducted numerous interviews and collected evidence, including cellphone records, during their investigation and turned much of it over to crime labs across the state, District Attorney Tony Buckley said.

Burroughs has been seen at the Cspire office in Laurel getting his cellphone records, too, a pair of sources who saw him there confirmed.

Burroughs is represented by attorney Brad Thompson and former DA Jeannene Pacific is representing the Sinclair family to help them through the judicial process.