Best in us

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Our day can be going great. Then when the worst happens, we can lose our cool and blow it. I include myself; I can be a rotten stinker sometimes! Just because I have a disability is no excuse for my actions. It has been said that difficult times can bring out the worst in us.

That might be true, but I want this column to focus on the positive by knowing that only Jesus can bring out the best in us. Accepting that our Lord is in control is a key factor in our outcome. Our attitude during our difficulty will either make or break us. We seem to stay broken and hopeless.

Thankfully, Jesus is in the “broken people” business. That is why we have the cross. If there was no cross, we would stay broken and have no hope.

We do not have to allow our difficulties to bring out the worst in us. We will have the upper-hand by trusting that Jesus will  bring out the BEST IN US.