Shut down and restart

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Sometimes my computer frustrates me; it is unable to do what I want it to do. When I have times like that, I put it through a process called “shut down.” My computer becomes “dead” and can receive no power. Then I put it through another process called “restart” which turns it back on. My computer has a chance to start over and is able to do what I want. Comparatively speaking, there are many times when we get “shut down” and turned off. When those times happen, there is no way we can “restart” ourselves. Thankfully, our story does not end there. Since we belong to Jesus, out of His love, He chooses to “restart” us. We come to life and are able to receive His power and  to start over.

A lot in this world claims to “restart” us, but they fail us miserably. When we are “turned off,” we become “dead” and unable to receive His power. When we have difficult times, our Lord wants to remind us of one thing. We need to be RESTARTED by Jesus. We come to life and are then able to do what He wants us to do.