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One nabbed in payroll-check scheme; LPD still looking for three other men

A Laurel man was arrested and three more are being sought for producing and cashing local business payroll checks that were fraudulent.


Anthony Bonner, 26, who has a trachea tube inserted into his neck to aid in his breathing, faces two counts of uttering forgery and is in the Jones County Adult Detention Center on $10,000 bond after police arrested him at his home.

The home was directly across the street from the store in which Bonner is accused of cashing a payroll check.

“You can buy check stock on the Internet and print checks,” Laurel police Sgt. Michael Reaves said.

The problem is, though, when a store cashes that check, it then has to be sent and filtered through the bank on which it is drawn. When the bank realizes the check is fraudulent, it returns the check to the business, where the owners are out the money.

Police are on the lookout for three other suspects — Jaylon McGilberry, 23; Willie Campbell Jr., 50; and Darrell Lampley, 46. They are also accused of participating in the bogus check scam.

Checks were written in the amount of between $400 and $1,000, Reaves said, and were from large corporations located in Jones County.

Reaves suggested that businesses that have questions about the authenticity of a payroll check to check with the bank listed as the paying institution. Local banks were used in this scam.

In Bonner’s case, on Tuesday, he went to a local business to cash a check. The check had his name and address printed on it, plus a thumb print many businesses use as an extra layer of verification. The address listed was directly across the street.

When police arrived, Bonner was standing in his driveway. He was arrested on the scene.