Love is a free gift

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“ For God so loved the world that He GAVE… ”  (John 3:16)

God’s will is for us to learn to be givers and helpers. When we give to others, whether it’s financial, helping someone with a chore, blessing others with what we have, or even a kind visit or call, we are following the footsteps of Jesus. He spent His earthly ministry giving to others; and everything He gave and did was built on love. If we could grasp this concept and live it to the fullest, “the world would be a better place.”

1 Corinthians 13 tells us that of all the gifts God gives us, the greatest gift is LOVE. And we know according to 1 John 4, that God is LOVE.

What a beautiful gift to give someone, the gift of love.  It’s free. EVERYONE wants to be loved, no matter what they do or say, people truly want to be loved. Even the grumpiest employer/employees desire to be loved. Show me a mean and rude person, and I’ll show you someone who is hurting on the inside.

God created us to love one another. Children need it for wholesomeness, and marriages need it to flourish. It’s the best medicine for anyone to take as it helps sustain life and definitely brings joy to our lives. Love (God) gives us purpose and meaning to our lives. Listen my friend, everyone desires to be happy, and it all begins with a choosing to be a giver. The happiest people are givers, not receivers!

The challenge for us is not to be selfish or hoard love, but instead give it away to others. It’s free to everyone! Actually, when we spend time with God daily, His love will not only fill us, but will flow out from us to others.

When we’re full of love, we won’t be able to contain it!  We’ll automatically desire to give love to someone. This is God’s plan/will for us. So, don’t sit around waiting for someone to call or visit you, but choose to be the giver and call someone or make a visit. Ask God to show you how to help someone in your neighborhood or church. The more we do for others, the happier we will become. Remember the key is to give, not expecting anything in return. This will eliminate hurt feelings and pity parties. Choose to be a giver, my friend.  Someone needs your help AND love.

But also remember that “whatever you sow, you will reap.” (Galatians 7:6) You can’t out give God. If you sow love into others, you will reap the benefits of love in return.

I encourage you to choose to be a giver! It’s a great feeling and please know that the greatest gift you can give is LOVE (God).  It will be life changing and well remembered.