A large tree fell and caused damage to the home at 1567 Highway 184. (Photo by Mark Thornton)

‘Praise God for protection’

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Tree crashes into room where wife had been moments before

Shannon Slover’s wife Lisa had been in their bedroom ironing clothes. Then she walked up to the den to ask her husband what the TV weatherman said about the possibility of storms striking in the area on Tuesday night.

Her answer came from above. 

“The whole house started shaking, and then there was a big crash,” said Slover, who is an associate pastor at First Baptist Church in Laurel.

The timing of the answer wasn’t as fortunate as the timing of her walking out of the bedroom of their home at 1567 Highway 184 in the Powers Community. The giant oak’s branches came through the ceiling into the bedroom where she had been ironing moments before.

“If she would have been in there, it would’ve hurt her bad,” Slover said. 

Their 20-year-old son Jedidiah, who is a student at Jones County Junior College, and their 16-year-old daughter Josarah, who is a student at Northeast Jones, were also inside when the tree fell in the home they’ve lived in for 15 years.

“We’re just thankful none of us were hurt,” Slover said. “Praise God for protection.”

Slover had just told his wife that the weather forecast said most of the severe thunderstorm warnings had been called off, but there was a possibility of hail later. That was approximately 10:30 p.m.

“I usually stay up when the weather’s going to be bad,” he said.

But just when it appeared that the danger had passed, the tree came crashing down from their front lawn into the bedroom. 

“I called 911 … I was concerned about the electrical wires,” Slover said. “Thank God for Lance Chancellor. He said to kill the breaker box. And when we went in, he heard (the house) creaking, so he told us to get out because he was afraid it was going to fall in.”

Chancellor and other firefighters from the Powers Volunteer Fire Department responded along with Jones County Fire Coordinator Dan McKenna, Rodney Parker of the Jones County Emergency Management Agency and Mississippi Power.

There were no other reports of damage, but a car did run off into the median on Highway 84 nearby around the same time the tree fell into the Slovers’ house.

The family went to a hotel for the night and Slover was on the phone with his insurance agent, waiting to find out how long repairs will take.

“We have a great church family, so I’m sure we’ll have all we need,” Slover said. “The Lord is good.”