Road work and patient drivers

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We were so happy to finally bring the news that work — real work — would begin on the crumbling 5th Avenue and 13th Avenue in Laurel. It couldn’t come quickly enough.

Anyone who drives on 5th Avenue, especially, knows well the treachery that is driving to and from work. The farther away from the historic district motorists get, the worse the road becomes — and 5th Avenue through the historic district is no smooth sailing, either.

The city has done a yeoman’s job trying to keep up with the potholes that have turned 5th Avenue into an obstacle course.

The plan calls for work to start at the roundabout at 5th and Central avenues and proceed north to where 5th splits at Hoy and Sharon roads. The project is expected to take more than a year — and that is being optimistic.

But we implore everyone to keep their eyes on the prize. Detours will be common. Travel inconveniences will be many. But that is the price to finally get those two busy avenues fixed. So, be patient, find other ways to work or school and remember, real relief is in sight.


Gebben’s release from prison

The driver who killed a kindergartner when he passed a school bus and struck the youngster will be released from prison, hopefully a rehabilitated human being. 

It provides an opportunity to re-ignite the conversation about the dangers of motorists passing school buses. When school is in session, there is no reason at all to ever pass a stopped school bus. Zero.

We continue to hope that people will use the memory of young Nathan Key, who was so senselessly killed that day as a crusade against passing school buses.

Nothing is so important that it is worth the life of an innocent child.