Prescott to be featured in state anti-litter campaign

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As a professional athlete, Dak Prescott understands that small things can make a big difference.

So it came as no surprise to those who know him when, during a nationally televised football game, he was seen placing his own trash into a receptacle. 

That small gesture spoke volumes to thousands of fans about Prescott’s character and his sense of personal responsibility, both on and off the field.

That’s why Keep Mississippi Beautiful, the state’s leading community improvement nonprofit organization, selected Prescott as the honorary champion for their upcoming Anti-Litter Campaign. The campaign will focus on keeping the highways and roadways litter-free, advancing the fight to end littering in Mississippi.

The best leaders know that actions speak louder than words. “Don’t Litter… Can It, Mississippi!” is the key campaign message that KMB will use in this special anti-litter campaign that launched this month and promotes personal responsibility and leadership.

“We are delighted to have Dak Prescott serving as honorary champion of this campaign. Dak sets an example for not only our youth but for all Mississippians to put litter in the proper place. We believe his endorsement can positively influence the actions of others,” said Sarah Kountouris, executive director for Keep Mississippi Beautiful.

“Pepsi and Dak have teamed up with Keep Mississippi Beautiful to raise awareness that it’s up to each of us to change our behavior. Litter hurts our state’s image, is a drain on our resources and negatively impacts our quality of life, economic development and jobs. Through Dak’s vivid example, we believe that this new campaign can make a positive difference,” said Shelley Brown Floyd, chief marketing officer at Brown Bottling Group and president of the Mississippi Beverage Association.

The image of Prescott, a graduate of Mississippi State University, will appear on outdoor billboards throughout the state for one year. Broadcast radio spots, reminding drivers not to litter, will complement the outdoor campaign.