Pocket prayer

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A pocket will hold something until we want to use it. Along the same thought, a prayer is very important to a Christian and used often. We need to have a prayer in our “pocket” or mind that we can use at anytime and in any situation. I saw a pocket prayer that comes in handy:”Lord, I am Yours. Whatever the cost, let Your will be done in my life.” I have had to pray that prayer often especially   when I am so upset that I cannot even think! That prayer is a good reminder that God’s will needs to be the focus, not Tracy’s.

We have times that make us depressed and feel defeated. The world tells us there is nothing we can do, but we can keep a short prayer ready to use. It might not make our problem disappear like we wanted, but it will help us focus on our Savior not our situation. It is so difficult to win the ‘battle’ in this life, but we can arm ourselves with a POCKET PRAYER.