3 years of hysterics and Trump flourishes

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Three years ago this past Saturday, Donald Trump descended the escalator at New York’s Trump Tower and changed the world.

His announcement that he would be seeking the presidency of the United States was met by national media and “pundits” with snickers and laughs. They reduced his presidential run as a farce with zero chance of even winning the Republican nomination. A field of 17 candidates threw their hats into the ring for the GOP nod, yet when the dust settled, it was Trump still standing.

He brought with him a new kind of politics — something that the Establishment status quo had never seen before and a brand that the people gravitated to in droves. But even as he entered the general election against the entitled Hillary Clinton, who believed it was her “time” and her “birthright” to become president, few gave Trump a chance.

He withstood a brutal beating from a national media that ditched honest reporting for a near-constant Trump-bashing editorial stance. They pushed Hillary and decried the Donald. Yet in the end, the people overwhelmingly decided they wanted the one who they believed would actually follow through on promises made. 

In November 2016, he sent shockwaves through the world and the hysterical left has never gotten over it. Claims of Russian interference and special prosecutors quickly followed his victory. Porn stars and alleged dalliances in Trump’s past grabbed the media’s attention — for a while — as if the people really give a damn if Trump had an affair with an adult actress a decade before he became president.

Obstruction of justice charges and arrests of close confidants and attorneys followed. Negative news about Trump dwarfed — DWARFED — anything positive about the man or his accomplishments. Now Trump is being pilloried for trying to keep another campaign promise — finally getting control over our borders. If we are to continue to be a sovereign nation, our borders must be secured. Trump’s hard-line stance is the media’s “crisis du jour” in an attempt to turn the people against the man whom they thrust into office.

A lesser man would have wilted under such intense, hysterical scrutiny. Yet Trump just keeps churning along, delivering on promises kept in the face of fierce opposition — including from his own party.

Imagine a president who, in less than 18 months, has delivered:

• A roaring economy with growth not even imagined under Obama, who conveniently is taking credit for the economic surge, even though Trump has reversed just about every one of Obama’s economic policies.

• Unemployment rates below 4 percent, with Black and Hispanic unemployment at historic low levels.

• The denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

• The shredding of burdensome regulations that drive the economic renaissance.

• Huge strides in securing the Southern border.

• One of the largest tax cuts in the nation’s history.

• Pride in the country, where we are not forced to watch leaders apologize for our sins, but to realize the greatness of this nation — and let others realize it, too.

A president who accomplishes that — and all the above is just a snap shot of his accomplishments — should be lauded and listed among the best opening 18 months in presidential history.

But all we get are made-up scandals and soap-opera theatrics because our president’s name is Donald Trump and he had the audacity to defeat “the chosen one” Hillary Clinton.

From Day 1, the Leader-Call saw the potential in a Trump presidency and endorsed him vigorously.

Not once have we swayed from that stance. We let results do the talking, not left-wing hysterics.