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This is a tough business. It is. We are not complaining, because we knew before getting into it that the business is tough. That is why so many people get into the business, realize its pitfalls and then just disappear. They can’t take it.

At the Leader-Call, blessed with an editorial staff smaller than the staff that handled church announcements at newspapers in their heydays, we try our absolute best to present the facts, without bias or favor. Oh, there are the detractors who will say we are “yellow journalists” who make up the news to sell papers. In actuality, we just present the news in ways that are unique, at least to this part of the world. The reportage is solid — and we have a wall full of press awards to prove it. 

Many legitimate, professional news organizations do exist, with the goal being to present the news fairly and allow the readers to digest it and reach their own conclusions. But more and more, the fair and honest journalism outlets are becoming national bullhorns of activism based on emotion — oftentimes disingenuous emotions.

Look at the hysterics of the battle of what to do with illegal — ILLEGAL — immigrants who are flowing over the Southern border. The national media has glommed onto it as the crisis du jour in yet another attempt to tear down the Trump administration. Remember Trump’s collusion with Russia to steal the election from Hillary Clinton? How about the bimbo porn actress? Or the myriad other “scandals” that have dominated the news cycles. An internet meme summed it up perfectly comparing the national media to a cage of Bingo balls spinning with the next crisis rising to the top as if it read B6. The immigration ball popped up and the media and Democratic politicians were off and running.

The U.S.’s immigration policy was compared to the workings of Nazi Germany, with children and illegal aliens being kept in concentration camps. Some even had the gaul to say children were being led to “showers” much the same way Jews were led to “showers” that were actually gas chambers. More than six million Jews were slaughtered in that horrible time. 

In another example, a photo taken of a small girl crying as her mother is standing near a border agent getting searched intimated that the young girl was “swept away” by border agents into a secret prison, never to see her family again. It made the cover of Time magazine as the crying girl is Photoshopped next to a photo of Trump staring down at her filled with hate.

The young girl was separated only long enough for her mother to be searched, then returned to the mother’s arms.

But the message fits the narrative, whether facts back that up or not. The national media and the majority of Democrats tap into emotions to generate outrage against an administration, and the millions of Americans who voted for that administration. Facts don’t matter as long as the message of outrage wins the day.

Talks of American-sponsored Nazi death camps and heart-wrenching photos taken out of context in the immigration debate will soon subside as the twirling cage of Bingo balls continues its round-around journey. The next ball will rise soon enough, another hysterical attempt to tear down a democratically elected president and his administration. The national media will fall lockstep in line. 

Facts be damned.