What about our children?

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All of the outrage and hyperbole about the children of illegal immigrants being separated from their parents is mind-boggling. One commentator actually said the controversy is “this generation’s Vietnam.” And that’s not as outrageous as all of the comparisons to Hitler and Nazis, as we opined about in this same space recently.

Criminal cases here at home continue to make us wonder why there is no such outcry for local children. They are separated from their parents every day — often to their advantage — because of the crimes their parent(s) committed. 

They sell drugs, they do drugs while the unborn child is in utero, they let the children get eaten up by bugs but don’t feed or care for them as they go about their depressing, meaningless lives …

And to think, that’s only in the last few days right here in our little “postage stamp of soil,” as Faulkner wrote. By Mississippi standards, we’re fairly affluent, so imagine what life is like for so many children across our state, the country. Think about all of the people you see in “For The Record,” committing burglaries, driving drunk (sometimes with the kids in the car), getting into all sorts of mischief.

They are separated from their children, too. So, where’s the outcry?

When presented with this argument, those who have taken up the cause of illegal immigrants’ children would likely say that their parents aren’t criminals, they’re just good people “looking for a better life.”

Why is it that crossing the border illegally isn’t considered a crime to these misguided millennials and their fellow Trump bashers?

By their measure, one could make the same argument for drug dealers … burglars … robbers. People charged with those crimes could say, “Hey, no one would hire me because of my criminal record, so I was just trying to provide a better life for my children.” 

Every judge here, and likely across the country, hears sob stories like that every day. But for some reason, people who are blinded by politics see this illegal immigration as … not illegal. Again, it’s mind-boggling. It defies common sense and logic.

By their way of thinking, someone who barges in their house shouldn’t be charged with home invasion, they should be given a seat at the dinner table and referred to as a roommate.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to do things. Refugees have been coming to our country for generations. Diversity is the fabric of America. But we don’t call people who barge into our homes “guests.” We shouldn’t call those who come to our country without knocking first “residents.” 

And if they do, then their separation from their children is not on the government or Trump or anyone else, it’s the fault of the parents who did the crime — just like all of those in our jails here and across the country.