Thug wannabes rob dealer, pay price

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4 charged with dealing, 1 shot, dumped off after holdup in Hattiesburg

Cody Corey

A feckless foursome of millennial gang-banger wannabes found out the hard way that they may not be cut out for thug life.

Tyler Parker, 23, Cody Corey, 22, William T. West, 21 and Tristan S. Ishee, 20, all of Laurel, face three felony charges — and the possible wrath of real gang-bangers — after robbing a Hattiesburg drug dealer at gunpoint around 1 a.m. June 24.

It all started with the four young men wanting some weed, narcotics agents with the Jones County Sheriff’s Department said. They didn’t have any money, but they did have a plan …

Tyler Parker

“They knocked on the door and they all ran in and held everyone inside at gunpoint,” Sgt. James Stiglet of the JCSD said.

Inside the residence on 14th Avenue in Hattiesburg, they found a safe of drugs — high-grade marijuana, hashish oil and LSD, all together worth up to $10,000 on the street — and took it all. As they were making their getaway, Parker “got left behind” and was shot in the back shoulder area.

William T. West

His three cohorts thought he had been killed, they told investigators.

Meanwhile, the dealer put Parker in a vehicle and dumped him off in Marion County. Parker called Corey to come get him, but a Marion County deputy found him first.

Parker told the deputy he had been shot during a drug deal gone bad at a residence in the 600 block of Service Road in Jones County — the address where two of his co-conspirators live and had taken their cache of contraband.

Tristan S. Ishee

When Jones County deputies arrived at that residence, they saw drugs on a table and got a search warrant. Inside, they found 6 ounces of high-grade marijuana, 50 vials of THC that are used for “vaping” and 100 hits of LSD.

When Corey arrived to pick up Parker in Marion County, he was arrested for DUI and providing false information to law enforcement.

After extensive interviews with Lt. Robert Little and Stiglet, the four admitted to robbing the dealer in Hattiesburg. No charges connected with that crime have been filed because the dealer didn’t go to police there to report illegal substances being stolen.

“That victim won’t come forward,” Little said with a laugh.

The four from Laurel were charged with possession of marijuana, possession of hashish oil and possession of LSD, all with intent to distribute and all with an enhanced charge since they were in possession of a firearm — an SKS assault-style rifle — when the drugs were found.

“He’s lucky they didn’t hold him hostage or kill him,” Little said of Parker.

Parker has spoken to investigators and he was expected to be charged and incarcerated after undergoing surgery. He is expected to make a full recovery. Parker is the only one in the group with a felony conviction on his record. Corey has a past felony arrest, but the charge was dropped.

The charges all of them face now are serious, Little said.

“This is only the second time we’ve dealt with these vials that go in e-cigarettes,” he said.

Even though those contain THC, which is the active ingredient in marijuana and they are legal in states where marijuana is legal, the vials are highly concentrated and are considered hard drugs.

“It’s considered to be hashish, which is the same as heroin in the eyes of the law,” Little said.

Corey, Ishee and West all made their initial appearances last Tuesday before Justice Court Judge Billie Graham. All said they had no job and were appointed public defenders. She set their bond at $15,000 each.