Columnists: Brian Perry

Delta dispatches

Most folks who enjoy reading books about Mississippi have already consumed Richard Grant’s 2015 “Dispatches from Pluto: Lost and Found…read more

Watergate’s ‘Stennis Compromise’

President Donald Trump’s recent firing of FBI Director James Comey generated comparisons to President Richard Nixon’s “Saturday Night Massacre.” Nixon…read more

Voter-ID’s long journey

“Vote fraud is an equal opportunity election stealer. A fraud-free election process would benefit black candidates as well as white…read more

Nuclear now conventional

U.S. Senate Democrats appear to have the 41 votes they need to filibuster the nomination of Neil Gorsuch and prevent…read more

Neshoba Fair to begin Friday

The Neshoba County Fair kicks off this week continuing an annual tradition that began as the Coldwater Community Fair in…read more

Libertarians hope for Johnson-Weld

Some Mississippians are excited about their presidential nominee and they aren’t supporting Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump. The…read more