Columnists: Daniel L. Gardner

Looking at both sides now

In our polarized society, regardless of which side one is on, many believe “we” are right and “they” are wrong.…read more

Politics at home and away

Was it much ado about nothing last week as Americans witnessed even more hyperbolic foreign and domestic news?  On the…read more

One can make a difference

Last week, 23 people were shot in a high school in Santa Fe, Texas, and 10 died. Twenty-nine people were…read more

Death always makes us pause

    Alfie Evans died Friday, April 27, in Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, England, five days after doctors…read more

Destroying a presidency

    “OK, everybody! Remember, the ultimate goal here is to take down the president!” America crossed the line of…read more

Cutting federal spending

    How are representatives and senators in Washington different from college students today? College students will be giving their…read more