Columnists: Kay Scarborough

Feeling blessed

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I feel so blessed to live in this wonderful country, free to worship where I please and live…read more

Not following advice

Time to ’fess up: I did not follow my own advice last week. The calendar forced me to buy and…read more

November knocking

November is knocking on the door. As we prepare for winter, it’s time to give some thought to our small…read more

What to do now?

Finally, cooler mornings! Nothing like a cup of coffee on the deck! Time to think about what comes next. Few…read more

Fall planting is near

I remember what I enjoy most about Southern living — cool fall evenings, morning coffee on the deck and clear…read more

Lovebugs stink

Did you know that lovebugs stink? Wash them off your car as soon as you can, they will ruin your…read more

Speaking of basil

We’ve gotten hooked on the Food Network. Don’t know why, I only cook if I have to. I used to…read more