Columnists: Kay Scarborough

Lovebugs stink

Did you know that lovebugs stink? Wash them off your car as soon as you can, they will ruin your…read more

Speaking of basil

We’ve gotten hooked on the Food Network. Don’t know why, I only cook if I have to. I used to…read more

Birds and blooms

Our backyard is starting to get crowded. Birds are everywhere! The first bluebirds have hatched; the parents are working feverishly…read more

Hints for home gardeners

Our Master Gardener Spring Garden Day was a big success. Thanks to all of you who came out to support us…read more

Spring checklist

My spring checklist is under way: Cleaned gutters, pruned crepe myrtles, killed weeds, mowed lawn close (first spring mowing), tilled the…read more