Columnists: Mac Nelson

Earth Jobs in Nashville

I loved living in Nashville.  When I first moved there in 1985, I was able to freelance with agents, something…read more

A 50th anniversary

I first met my best friend, Jimmy Morrison, when we were in the fourth grade. We were the only two…read more

Working with a legend

Jerry Lewis passed away last week. During my childhood, I never missed one of his movies. He could make me…read more

Dancing where Paul preached

During the spring of 2003, one of the missions teams at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City invited me…read more

The Queen Mother

The final five days of my 1973 trip to Europe were spent in London. My five friends and I saw…read more

A journey to Heidelberg

Many of you know that I’ve spent the better part of my life either performing in or directing musical theatre.…read more

Travels to Europe

I’ve been getting Facebook messages from several friends who are traveling in Europe or else planning to do so this…read more

Dodging tornadoes

I was reared on the Gulf Coast, so I gave a lot of thought to hurricanes, but never gave much…read more

Getting settled in Hollywood

When I first arrived in Hollywood, there were only three TV networks and very few cable and independent shows. Supposedly,…read more