Columnists: Mac Nelson

Technology and me

I took typing my junior year in high school, and by the end of first semester, was typing 95 words…read more

Degrees of separation

I recently got caught up watching the television replay of Diane Sawyer’s coverage of the Charles Manson case from years…read more

The squirrel song

I was in Wichita, Kan., a few weeks ago having lunch with some folks who I had just met that…read more

A weekend in Wichita

I had some good friends, Larry and Judie Belew, with whom I worked at the Lamb’s Church and Theatre in…read more

Weekend in the mountains

I became friendly with an elderly couple during my early years in New York City, and they invited me to…read more

Award shows

I can remember when there were only four awards shows for people in the entertainment business — the Oscar’s for…read more

Celebrity encounters

During my years in Hollywood and New York, I had the opportunity to work with several major celebrities, and on…read more

A tale of two picnics

I had lived as a struggling actor in Los Angeles for a year when it dawned on me that there…read more

Reflections on La La Land

I wrote and produced a musical show in New York in 1999 titled “Hot Coffee.” One of the lines from…read more