Columnists: Mark Thornton

A message for sympathy-seekers

Anything that even sniffs (or sniffles) of sympathy-seeking starts me to squirming. Maybe that’s because of my job and how…read more

Here’s your sign …

It’s the ultimate street party, with indescribable spectacles parading past cheering crowds. It wouldn’t be accurate to call the people…read more

What was he carrying?

The image has been stuck in my mind since last Sunday afternoon. As I sped down Spec Wilson Boulevard, caught…read more

Rose needs a Stern talk

If you think like a weekly columnist, ideas are always churning in your head. My “process” — which is a…read more

Stop giving me ‘would’

Most people have this image of a newspaperman as a pencil-necked geek who sits around contemplating the proper use of…read more

A millennial who represents

It’s probably pretty clear to people who read this regularly that I’m not a big fan of millennials. A few…read more

Daddy does Dallas

Driving in Dallas always makes me feel like an old woman. Big cities and lots of lanes of traffic don’t…read more