Columnists: Mark Thornton

A Home Town proposition

Dear Ben and Erin, First of all, congratulations on your new baby Helen and getting signed for Season 3. What…read more

To the Laurel City Council

Dear Laurel City Council, We have so many great things going for our city, especially right now, so I’m begging…read more

A Graham of prevention

One potential hazard of this job is becoming so jaded that you lose your humanity. That’s always concerned me. Battlefield…read more

Talk to us

It’s still a vivid, heart-breaking memory. I’m in the entryway of my parents’ home, right in front of the laundry…read more

My dream Christmas card

In the years before Facebook, it was only once a year when we were bombarded with boastful holiday dispatches from…read more

What now, after tragedy?

Like most people in our community and in the family of first-responders, my heart sank when I heard about the…read more