Columnists: Tracy Traylor

Our first love

Since Valentine’s Day is approaching, I wanted to type about the greatest love: When Jesus  was asked what was the…read more

God bounce

When I was a young girl and my garage door was down at my old house, I would hit a…read more

Our bridge

My youngest sister, Susie, dabbled in art when she was younger, but lately her artwork has really surfaced, and the…read more

Activate and use

Every year we waste billions of dollars in unused gift cards which we have to activate or use before they…read more

Great expectation

We have a flip calendar on our breakfast table with a verse or good thought for the day. I want…read more

Be still and know

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10 • We are so dependent on cellphones, computers and busy…read more

Our broken heart

Recently, Laurel had the funeral of Libby and Gene Mulloy. They were great personal and family friends. The only thing…read more

All things

“God assures you wherever you are, whatever you are doing that He is doing the most loving thing concerning you.”…read more

The trade-off

We often feel like getting away from our problems, but some of us cannot escape. The world makes us believe…read more

We the people

Our nation has become a train wreck falling off a cliff. Things that were forbidden when I was growing-up are…read more