Columnists: Tracy Traylor

Thank you

Because of my head injury, I have to have help doing the simplest things. It is nice for people to…read more

Grace upon grace

Grace is God’s unmerited favor — His undeserved love for His children. He saved my life when I had my…read more

Paranoia will destroy-a

When someone is over-sensitive about something, we might call them “paranoid.” Satan knows that my heart belongs to Jesus, but…read more

Inward to upward

Our world says to look into “self.” We base all our decisions on our feelings and think that the only thing that…read more

Shut down and restart

Sometimes my computer frustrates me; it is unable to do what I want it to do. When I have times…read more


The ankle splint given to me after my foot surgery is working great. I thought that if it works great,…read more

Best in us

Our day can be going great. Then when the worst happens, we can lose our cool and blow it. I…read more

Needs comes first

Because of my car wreck and head injury, I was forced to adapt to a new lifestyle including a lot…read more

Acceptance = peace

We can do everything we can do to overcome our difficult situation, but nothing happens. We pray and pray, but…read more

In the right line

My foot surgery is over. I do not want the focus of this column to be about Tracy; I want the…read more