Columnists: Tracy Traylor

The big picture

Due to my head injury, I have a totally dilated pupil in one eye, which really bothers me because that…read more

Christians in action

The abbreviation CIA means “Central Intelligence Agency.” This column wants to put a new meaning on those letters: “Christians In…read more

Grace finale

A grand finale comes with a spectacular ending. I want to tell about my grace finale that the Lord gave…read more

Always say a prayer

Prayer will not benefit us if we are not a Christian. I am convinced that is why  I had such…read more

Our help and hope

When we feel helpless and hopeless, we have to remember that God is sovereign. We might be out of control,…read more

The Jesus plate

We love a buffet where we choose what we want on our plate. The one thing I have learned is that…read more

Every moment

In happy moments — praise Him    In busy moments — bless Him    In quiet moments — worship Him…read more

Mary Christmas

The correct greeting is “Merry Christmas,” but I have entitled this column “Mary Christmas.” An angel appeared to Mary saying that…read more

Less but more

Before my car wreck and head injury, I had it all and was on top of the world. Now that…read more

Worth the wait

When we listen to the world and not Christ, we are confused about why our Lord would allow pain and…read more