Stealing from the sheriff

9.18 Court, Booth copy

A local truck driver picked the wrong business to steal from. Paul Davis Booth, 46, admitted to stealing thousands of…read more

Dogfighting in Hoy?

Bluebelle stands in filth and garbage at a suspected dog-fighting ring in woods behind a Hoy Community apart- ment complex. She was one of two dogs seized by Southern Cross Animal Rescue. (Photo courtesy of SCAR)

Two emaciated pit bulls that were believed to be “bait dogs” in a possible dog-fighting ring are safe and on…read more

Handgun found at South Jones


A handgun was found on South Jones High School property on Wednesday afternoon, Superintendent Tommy Parker confirmed, but it wasn’t…read more

Drug dealers going to prison

9.18 Court, drug dealers, George copy

A pair of local drug dealers are headed to prison after reaching plea agreements in Jones County Circuit Court on…read more