For the Record

August 6, 2015

Decedrick D Arrington, 20 Court order (JCSD) Stephanie Montelle Brannon, 39 Disturbance of family (JCSD) Deloris Blackwell, 54 Domestic violence (LPD) Tekelya McGill,…read more

August 4, 2015

Gregory Dalton Donald, 23 DUI-first offense (JCSD) Ernest Ray Musgrove, 44 Disturbing the peace (JCSD) Brandon Rendell Jones, 23 Sale of cocaine-2 counts…read more

August 1, 2015

Carlen David Adams, 36 DUI – first offense (LPD) Sidney Earl Knight, 44 Improper signal, probation violation, DUI – first offense, expired…read more

July 25, 2015

Michael Laverne Abney, 39 Court order (JCSD) Cassandra Falana Gooding, 24 Domestic violence (LPD) Decedrick D Arrington, 20 Court order (JCSD) Henry Lee Gibbs, 24 Armed…read more

July 23, 2015

Joshua Holifield, 32 Possession of controlled substance, expired license/tag, suspended license (2 counts), no insurance (LPD) Heather Brianna Merritt, 31…read more

July 21, 2015

Donald Shane Hill, 29 Shoplifting, probation violation (LPD) Jonathan McDonald, 35 DUI-first offense, possession of marijuana- vehicle (MHP) Cody William Walter, 24 DUI-first…read more

July 18, 2015

Darry Strickland, 45 Unknown offense (JCSD) Andreas Leonardo Terrell, 18 Warrant from other agency (JCSD) Willie James Evans, 57 shoplifting 2 counts),…read more