Local News

Sandersville man, helpers arrested

A swastika-stamped Sandersville man who was being sought by sheriff’s deputies was caught hours after his photo and “wanted” status…read more

Marriages & Divorces

Marriages • Anthony James Polivka, 26 and Amber Nicole Husband, 22 • Jameka Lin Booth, 25 and Ashley Nicole Mixon,…read more

LLT elects new board

The new Laurel Little Theatre Board of Directors are, front, from left, Paul Rowell, Debby Rowell, Laura Cooley, Lauralee Watts, Robin Berlin, Alison Vanderslice, RK Wilson, Missy Sanderson and Paula Pierce; back row, Edward Boone, Cherie Boone, Steve Guy, Coty Shoemake, Rick Youngblood, Sandra Boutwell, Jason Vanderslice and Wess Hughes. Other board members are Katelyn Bryant, BB Dear, Angie Hodge, Brent Holifield, Herb Murray and Maddie Watts.

The 2015-16 season officers were elected at the Laurel Little Theatre’s annual meeting, and the new board of directors has…read more