Big and small

God told the prophet Elijah to stand on the mountain and He would pass by. Elijah heard a great wind…read more

Don’t doubt

Are you worried? Did you toss and turn in your sleep last night worried about a particular situation or family…read more

Glorious creation

Isaiah 6:3 tells us that the earth is filled with God’s glory. Sometimes everything seems to have gone wrong, and…read more

Savior not self

Our culture is obsessed with self. We take pictures of ourselves and post them on the Internet. Hundreds of “selfies”…read more

Do you have your priorities in order?

During the formative years of my Christian life, a small, yet spiritually potent booklet providentially crossed my path. Its title speaks for itself: “The Tyranny of the…read more

A heart of thanks

God is faithful to answer our prayers! “The Lord is faithful to ALL His promises and loving toward ALL He…read more

Meology to Realology

When I was in school, I took some classes that ended in the letters “ology,” which means “the study of.”…read more