Do you feel blessed?

You’re blessings from God aren’t based on what you have done or said, but instead they are based on what…read more

All means all

Have you ever noticed how many ALLS are in the Bible? Here are a few: 1.) “For from Him and…read more

The Christ coushion

I am finally healed from my fractured tailbone, but healing was not instant. Since sitting was difficult, I had a…read more

Time to be real

It’s time to be real … The shortest scripture in the Bible is John 11:35, “Jesus Wept.” It’s short, but powerful as…read more

Church Sign

Emmanuel Baptist Church took advantage of the sweltering September to make the correlation between Mississippi and where some people might…read more

Do you meditate upon the cross?

Next to the personhood of the Lord Jesus Christ, no other topic in Scripture is as important to all who read its pages, as our Lord’s atoning work…read more