Do you meditate upon the cross?

Next to the personhood of the Lord Jesus Christ, no other topic in Scripture is as important to all who read its pages, as our Lord’s atoning work…read more

Are you an evangelical?

Four years ago, the U.S. government gathered statistics about our great nation, just as it does every 10 years during the “census.” The census acquires and records…read more

The wait

A dangerous word in the English language is “wait.” In fact, we try to avoid waiting. God commands us to…read more

Knowing Jesus

Strangers will tell me that I do not know them, but because they read my columns, they know me. Actually,…read more

Church sign of the week

Hereʼs a church sign that caught our eye … Hosanna Missionary Baptist Church on Ellisville Boulevard put a funny twist…read more

Three P’s

1. PENALTY- Because Jesus took the punishment for our sins on Himself on the cross, we are free from the…read more