Beware of false teachers

In the final moments of our Lord’s Sermon on the Mount, He warned His hearers (and us) to be on the alert for those who…read more

Recycled by Him

Things that would normally be thrown away can be recycled and used in other ways. After recycled, they become useful…read more

Professional help

Every time it rained, my backyard would turn into a lake. We tried to fix the problem by making a…read more

McLaurin begins ministry

Brother William C. McLaurin began is ministry at Kingston United Methodist Church on Second Avenue in Laurel on June 24.…read more

Grace 101

According to doctors, I am not even supposed to be alive after my car wreck. It is so rare that…read more

Worth the wait

I have typed about the benefits of waiting on God, but they were my words. I want you to hear…read more